Where in the world....?


Top O' the Tomb said...

This is one of the ponds in Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island, New York.

This shot was probably taken from the stone arch bridge separating the two ponds. What we're not seeing is the waterfall, and the sunnies, and the bluegills.

People are buried here, at least one person died here, and a local girl broke her arm while ice skating.

This is an historic place, and this one simple shot holds a little of its mystery.

Another bridge involved said...

Agree with Top O' the Tomb.

63 International C900 said...

Yeah, I know this place. Spent twenny years chasin' kids and filling durn fence holes. An dunt think fer a minit I'm fergettin the night they drive my pickup into the pond. Sumwun's gonna pay fer that wun.

They don' come here no moah though, now thay's all got that internet

D.R. said...

My readers sure do know their geography. And seems they know the contents of the time capsule as well.