For T. H. E.


Plain Ol' Bo said...

Well, thank you. Although I have never worked on this bridge, I like it jist the same. It sure is busy though.

Is there a toll?

Tollpayer said...

Drive over this bridge frequently.

Ran on this bridge once, at the start of a famous marathon.

Biked (cycle) over it once.

Never worked on this bridge either.

Who am I?
Hee Hee.
You don't have to answer that.

Plain Ol' Bo said...

@ Tollpayer:

Did you ever sing on this bridge?

Frugal Traveler said...

Whose bridge this is, I do not know
A hostess to bicyclists and runners though
For those who drive over frequently
We'd like to act decently

And have a little talk bowt that toll

Just $15 said...


What's a little toll amongst friends?