It's A Christmas Irony, Charlie Brown
Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.  
                                                                     - Linus Van Pelt


JdR said...

OMG. I have always loved that pink metal Christmas tree! I mean, I know it's not what Christmas is all about by any means, but still, I love it.

D.R. said...

Actually, Linus does know what Christmas is all about and it's not about the tree...he goes on to tell the story of baby Jesus being born in a manger.......all in that little Linus voice

Joseph said...

a pink metal tree
like gifts from a stranger
if you're asking me
makes a cozy manger

Mary said...

Well said, Joseph.

John RealTree said...

It's about $35. for that tree, that's what it's all about Charlie Brown.