Making magic

The“Production Crew” page of the program includes 
a long list of names, people who did everything from set director/builder to performance and rehearsal chaperones. Each one of them deserves their own 
round of applause for a job well done.  
From the fantastic costumes to the unexpected 
moments of theatrical magic, they should also be 
very proud of the production they’ve created.  No doubt, the entire town of Jamestown is proud of this company and, to paraphrase a song from the show, 
the wonderful things they do. 

Motifmagazine.net, "Jamestown Theatre Makes Magic with Wizard of Oz"


T.H.E. said...

Well, if you, and everybody else, sez so, it must be the truth.

Weatherman said...

I wunder how Samta's elves feel abowt this. It does steal some thunder.

T.H.E. said...

...and a windmill in the lobby.