Realist said...

This is more like it.

Roy & Dale said...

Heart Shot.

This is a heart shot.

I heart.

Best on this offbeat site in a long time. This young man is getting better.

Lacey Rawlins said...

I had me a pinto jist like that one time.

I useta talk Spanish to her. She loved listening in Spanish.

There are some things you can only say to a horse in Spanish

Rebbe Ulley said...

I don' care whut you say abowt this guy.

He's got horse sense. Mebbe he ain't ushully the best picher taker, but he's got horese sens.

Or at least pony sense, anyways. Ponies r good to.

Vaughna said...

How is it then?

Horses always find themselves in the best photographs.