Anonymous said...

Very refreshing! :)

Burl said...

Is this the Tom Dooley species

Samuel B. said...

This is a troubling image.

The sky is bright, the snow is white. But the tree: the limbs are twisted like an arthritic usurer seeking to be pulled from the turmoil of the fourth level.

The shadows on the limbs are just that--shadows--and like all shadows they are dark.

Vastly dark.

Eliza D. said...

Me? I do not "get" the arthritic thing. I see these limbs as spires casting off their gravitational bonds and seeking, seeking, climbing into the azure beyond.

The shadows will not last. The sun will see to that. There is nothing more vast than hope, and this is what we have here.

E. Gells said...

I like the way the sparkling snowflakes shine
Against your bark so brown

And I want to meet you on the mountain tonight
'long as Tom Dooley ain't around

Ex Broker said...

One man's tree is another man's firewood.

I believe this is oak and after one season under the tarp I can get a buck and a half a cord (even with some crap mixed in).

Now, if you'd like to come a take a shot of this cash money please let me know.

I live right off the junction, two drives down. Watch for the dog.