New England or New York City?


M. Callas Jr. said...

Sydney, Australia. I love that opera house too.

Stinky Rabowoski said...

This is the Clove Lakes Boat Rental. I'd know it anywheres.

Ronald L. Lamb said...

I have a hard time looking at a rowboat these days.

You see, back in the late-sixties our whole family used to go to a place called Glenbrook Farms. It was in the Catskill Mountains. It was simple, clean, and family orientated.

I was very very young and my sister asked me to go for a boat ride. I loved my sister at the time, so off I went. And then, OFF I WENT!! As we were leaving the dock, she got this funny look on her face and hissed, "Fair weather, Big Boy. Now I'm gonna go and eat your share of the family-style breakfast."

Needless to say I've never been the same around boats, or breakfast.

It was about that time that people stopped going to the Catskills.

Reporter said...

Mr. Lamb's Addendum:

It may not be clear from the initial post, but Mr. Lamb was gruffly shoved out into the watery vast of a deepwater lake.

The only thing in the boat was Mr. Lamb: no oars, no life vest, no safety flares.

Just Mr. Lamb, and a pair of sneakers.

Thank you,


DI-Anne said...

This photograph reminds me of that film with Marlo Thomas and her father from Brewster, NY, That Golden Pond.

What a film, a little bit sad but a must-see for Paul Newman fans.