The Dip


E. Wallace said...

This looks like the Great Kills Swim Club.

Is this the Great Kills Swim Club?

spudz said...

Only the GKSC if there's a young man walkin' 'round emptyin' gahbage in his long pants in the 90Degree heat

Roy K. said...

Where's "The Chips"???

Esther W. said...

I think this shows a lot of imagination. The last show kind of blows it for me though. We see the reflection of the photographer in the water.

It's like watching a professional actress look at cue cards. Oh well. Maybe next time will be better.

Annie L. said...

I like the texture of this image, and I like the concept.

The surface of the water is almost like a mandala.

The photographer, however, compromises her composition and this exhibit by exposing her presence in the last shot.

Before this we were into something grand, losing ourselves. In a small sense, this is tragic. Yes.

Max W. (ex neighbor) said...

I don't think the photographer "blew it."

I think the gaff was intentional. She's saying, everything has a human touch.

She is obviously a Bruce Springsteen fan.

This is a good thing. Not a bugle-headed thing like yous are all saying.