Hydrangea originated from eastern Asia including the lower Himalayan region but it's doing splendidly here at sea level. 


Captain Keith Oburman said...

I don't know if I'd call this "doing splendidly at sea level."

The look a little seasick to me. Are they sea sick?

They sure look it.

Smitty said...

This is a very nice photograph. Somehow, though, I was hoping for a more traditional image on the morning of Father's Day.

Perhaps this is too old-fashioned. I like flowers and have even tried my hand at dahlias in the past.

Maybe the person who runs this photographic web site will think I'm too stodgy. I hope not. Some of her work is improving, though I didn't really understand why they were making that turtle feel so uncomfortable.

Well, like we used to say in the Navy: "everyone is different."


Smitty USN Retired